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Parent Testimonials

Mahima Gupta

Brown University

Undeclared Major

The constant support, guidance and motivation kept me going through all the preparations and the applications. The comfort that you provided made me comfortable to approach you with any questions and concerns and made my path clear and guided. Honestly, couldn't have done it without you."

Ishrita Gupta

Sciences Po, Paris

Bachelor of Arts

The guidance provided by Uni Crest Admission and Academic Consultants was instrumental in my admission. From the personal statement to the interview preparation the team guided me through it all.

I would definitely recommend Uni Crest Admission and Academic Consultants to others looking for help with their college applications.

Noor Essam

Trinity College Dublin


Ms Priya is outstanding to work with, being very professional yet friendly. She has a very wide knowledge of the different universities available and has the wisdom to assist me to find a university best suited to my preferences, in addition to her patience and dedication in dealing with an important time in a student's life. It was thanks to her assistance that I was able to start studying medicine in one of the best universities in the world.

Kunal Misra

Penn State

Computer Engineering

Priya has been the admission counselor for my son since he was in Grade 10. She helped my son not only with the admission process but still continues with very sound advice on how to integrate, much after he started the course at the university. 

What sets Priya apart is her accessibility , her involvement with the student and her ability to assess the challenges that  the student is facing . She is an astute counselor, who builds a bond with the child and is very quick in judging the student's ability to cope with the pressure. Her advice is always keeping the student first. Her focus is not only to help the student secure admission , but to thrive and succeed at the university.  


Her suggestions  on building the student resume, references & then the applications were spot on. My son is now very happy in the first year at Penn state university. 


I can't thank Priya enough.

Shonila Misra

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