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College Conversations with your high-schooler– how much is too much

Written by Priya Babel and Mika Parekh

Most parents aspire for their high-schooler to attend their dream college. But getting through those pre-college years can be stressful for both, the parents and the teenager.

Through our years of working as counselors, we hear the frustration in our student’s voices. From family outings to the dinner table or a call from extended family, invariably the conversation revolves around college, major or study destination.

These 16-17-year-olds are walking into their homes exhausted after a long day at school, and what they need most is a supportive and reassuring environment. Do you ever wonder why your high schooler never leaves his/her room? How can you help?

Let your child set the guidelines.

Discuss how the family should handle conversations around the college admissions process. Set a time for these discussions periodically.

· Agree on a communication channel that works for all. Parents should avoid excessive messaging/ emails. Most issues should be discussed during your assigned college talk time.

· Be a guide but encourage them to lead the process.

Quality time together should be a priority.

As your child manages his/her hectic schedule, they may have little or no time to spend with you. This makes it even more crucial that you make time for shared activities that are short and will give these students a welcome.

· Playing a family game/ solving a jigsaw puzzle

· Going on a hike or any other outdoor activity

· Watching a movie/ TV show together

· Cooking or baking together

Their downtime activities are restricted in the current situation which makes these shared positive activities more important than ever.

Let your child be unique. The best competition is one with yourself.

This could be their interest in Mythology, Cycling, Art, Robotics or any other. Allow them the opportunity to explore their area of interest in their preferred way.

Respect your teenager’s personal space allowing them to trust you.

If your teenager is not willing to talk, find a balance. Respect their privacy while giving them unconditional support and care.

Your efforts in helping create a stress-free zone for the high schooler at home is crucial. This is essential for their mental and physical well-being. Be a part of their world - make it their journey with your support!

Our counseling process focuses on the unique passion each student has within them. To learn more about strategies to help your high-schooler thrive, contact Uni Crest Admissions & Academic Consultants.


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